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Welcome to Donington and Albrighton Local Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve in Donington and Albrighton covers approximately 5.4 hectares (13 acres). It lies in the small valley formed by the Humphreston Brook and is made up of a number of different habitats which have become very scarce in the local countryside. It therefore attracts some interesting wildlife. Because of this, the area was designated as an official Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in July 2000 and this gives it proper protection in law. The ownership of the Reserve is divided between Donington Parish Council and Shropshire County Council, with a very small patch still owned by the Diocese of Lichfield.

The Nature Reserve is also the only sizeable area of public open space which is available for members of the local communities to use. Most of the Reserve is accessible on well laid out footpaths, with wheelchair access also available. Dog-walking is a popular pursuit but we ask that dog owners always take responsibility for clearing up after their pets and preferably keep them on their leads. Please use the litter bins to keep the Reserve as tidy as possible.

The Reserve consists
of four main areas:

1. A Woodland Conservation Area
of mature trees lining the Humphreston Brook, along with a damp, swampy woodland made up largely of Willow trees, known as the Willow Carr.

2. Donington Pool, with access on  two sides made up of a footpath across the main retaining wall for the Pool and another footpath known as Jubilee Walk.

3. St. Cuthbert’s Well and Pool, which is surrounded by Yew trees and another swampy carr area, this time colonised largely by Alder trees.

4. St. Cuthbert’s Meadow, which is an open, grassy area on both sides of the Humphreston Brook, with some plantings of native trees. There is also a dipping pond here.